Vandalism of the idol at the Mahasamshan Kali temple in Gopalganj

Desk Report: Judhesther das:

Miscreants have vandalized the statue of Kali Mandir of Gopalganj municipal Maha Shamshana.

Vandalism occurred around 11pm on Wednesday. Gopalganj municipality mayor Kazi Liaquat Ali and police officials visited the crematorium on Thursday morning.


Chandidas Biswas, a worshiper of Gopalganj municipality, said, “I live in the same building on the back of the Shamshan Kali temple. At 11pm I heard the word in the temple. When they heard the words, they asked me to come out of my house in a filthy language and threatened to kill me when they asked me at the temple. In the morning, we can see the two fingers of the left hand of Kali statue and some parts on the right side of the head broken. See also a long bamboo in the temple. The Pujari said that they had broken the statue with long bamboo outside the temple gate.

Gopalganj municipal authority president Vishma Deva Mridha said, “Who kicked or destroyed the statue of the Kali temple in the crematorium on Wednesday night.

“In the morning, the worshiper of the crematorium went to rage in the morning and informed the police about the news of Chandidas Biswas.

“We live here with Hindu-Muslim harmony. Every religious gathering takes place in the Maha-khaman, irrespective of religion and caste, everyone participates and cooperates. ”

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