Vandalism and arson in the house of Jyotishi Chanchal Acharya at Manirampur

corresponded by Judhesther das:


An astrologer named Chanchal Acharya was attacked on the count of fate after seeing a line from Manirampur in Jessore. Angered by the incident, vandalized and set ablaze the house of Chanchal Acharya. 

The incident happened on Saturday in Bajitpur village under the upazila. Police arrested two people in the incident. 

Police and local people said, after seeing the hand of a young man named Enamul Haq recently, astrologer Chanchal said that the hand line is not good. After seeing the hand of the astrologer, Enamul said, ‘You do not live long enough.’ On Saturday, around 8:00 pm on Saturday, Enamul led a group of seven-eight rounds and beat Jyotishi Chanchal on the way home from Konakola Bazar on Saturday night. The injured Chanchal was rescued first to Manirampur Upazila Health Complex. After the condition deteriorated, he was admitted to Jessore’s 250-bed General Hospital.

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