Trying to seize the land of minority family in Mahadebpur

Desk report: Judhesther Das

By ignoring the court’s verdict, Naogaon’s Mahadebpur attempted to occupy the land of a innocent family. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in Hamidpur village of Safapur union of the upazila.

On that evening, Mahadebpur Police Station visited the place that evening.

According to the sources of the case and the verdict, Mr. Atul Chandra Mandal and his eight brothers, including Naogaon Mokam, against the 132 people including Kala Taposh, Narendu, Begumit, Parimal, Bablu Mandal, Devdas and others on May 30, 2007, at different mouzas including Hamidpur, Prasadpur Claiming a land of 10.60 1/4 acre, filed a Batwara case (6/2007). The amount of the complainant land is 30.71 acres. In the case of Hamidpur Mouza, RS 70 no. 797, and 1.42 acres in the case of this case. In the same season RS 69 no. 446 No. of roads 0.66 acres; Now in the 809, 1.18 acres and 805 in the same area. 1.3 acres of land 0.36 1/4 acres of ownership to Bagin 17 April, 2016 Primary Last year on March 3 last and the Degree issued on October 29 last year and the 4 November last year, the court gave Delawari position.

Victims and local sources reported that on December 20 last year, after plowing and planting trees, the plaintiffs armed with sticks, iron rods, rams and other weapons were suddenly ambushed by power tilers on December 20 last year. On this incident Mr. Atul Chandra Mondal filed a case with the Mahadebpur Police Station on the day of the incident. The real owner of that land, Mr. Atul Chandra Mandal and his 8 brothers, on April 19, gave their land lease land to their sister Tuli Rani. Tuli Rani said that on the last Sunday, when she was cutting bamboo with poultry worker, Kala Taposh, Narendu, Begum and her associates resisted and tried to seize the land.

It was not possible to contact the accused over several times in order to get the speech of the accused.

Officer-in-Charge of Mahadevpur Police Station OC Mizanur Rahman said, “I heard the complaint, did not receive any written complaint. If the complaint is received then the legal action will be taken after the investigation.

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