The property of the minorities of Narail, in the thieves of the landowners

This is the desk: Judhesther Das

Minority Rights Forum Bangladesh, the campaign and the Association for Social Development of Bangladesh, have demanded to protect the life and property of Narail minorities from the handover of the landowners. 

The demand was made on behalf of organizations in a human chain in front of the National Press Club on Friday.

Speakers of the human chain said that in the way the attacks on minorities’ property, religious places and lives in the country are going on, it seems that this country will become a minority one day. The government should take effective measures to protect minorities. Recently, the occupation of Kakura houses in Chandpur, attacks and molestation of women occurred. The temple has been broken in Gopalganj. There are no remedies about attacks and torture on minorities in different parts of the country.In this situation, all the minorities in the country called for movement on the streets and demanded their rights.

They also said that in some parts of Narail, a minority inhabited region of the country, some of the conflicts of land belonging to the Hindu community of the district have been forced to take possession of land, attacks, and oppressed women. Administration is inactive. We want to see effective measures to protect minorities immediately.


In the human chain, a landlord named Khan Kabir has demanded justice and punishment. The speakers against Khan Kabir complained that Kabir Khan now owns land of the Hindus of Narail, now owning over a thousand acres of land!

Representatives of Organizing Organizations of Minority Rights Forum Bangladesh, Advocate Utpal Biswas, central leader Nirad Baran Majumdar, leader Banani Biswas were present in the human chain.

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