Secularism in Bangladesh

This the Desk report corresponded by Judhesther Das:

Going into the computer room in the morning, every day on the internet, there are some newspapers, online magazines, and a lot of Facebook have a habit of watching. When I do this, all of us are asleep in Bangladesh because I started the work at 7am in the Australian time. But Bangladesh time then three in the night. So, if I say this, I do not know all the people of Bangladesh, I do not do this inappropriate words.

On the basis of that practice, on the last Sunday of June 28, after publishing a magazine and seven online newspapers, a respected writer’s writing on Facebook appeared in the eyes.He read his writings at least twice. I am a very small person in comparison to him-in addition, everyone knows, I can not stay permanently in the city and there are prominent people in Dhaka. So lonely on the other hand – on the other side House-house-money-money-bank balance- Personal car-no-one. So a real ordinary man is on one side; On the other hand, I do politics but not a big party – a left-wing group in a small group. Age is going to be 84 So, I have not had the slightest chance of becoming a distinguished person in life. So writing this great article as a general and very ordinary citizen. The reader does not know how it will look, but it is important for the actual secular forces of today’s Bangladesh.

On the one hand, the priests have been assassinated or killed in a ruthless manner with a notice, on the other hand, “In this country there is no place for anyone except Muslims”. It is said to take away the “land-zirat-house”, “Hindus write to us and go to India – Will do it ” Hindu married / unmarried women are raping “. The Christian priests are not exempt, not even foreign-Christian-Buddhist citizens. Law? They do not move or do not ride. If there is a lot of money to move to the police-because the law will move and move on, primarily depending on the police station-according to the criminal procedure.

The opportunity to get, see or to know any information is not that there is a trial in case of communal crimes, or someone is punished in the slightest. To listen to the various ministers of the government, to see the role of different types of people, especially the religious minorities, there is no end to despair. Many people do not go to the police station anymore – do not be a trial candidate – appropriate police will not be investigated – no exemption of trial! Although there is no reliable statistics of how many minorities have been tortured in Bangladesh at this time, even though the statistics of the last two years published in the daily newspapers have to be frightening.

The liberation war of Bangladesh took place, the main thing in it was to write a permanent grave of communal biism in Pakistan, ending communalism and forming a secular Bangladesh. And it happened. In the constitution of 1972, it was clearly written that democracy, secularism, socialism and nationalism. In fact, in these 45 years these four principles were, in fact, a glorious document of the defeat of Pakistan and the conquest of Bengal – they do not need to think too much about the fact that they have virtually lost.

Today democracy is demoralized, because voterless, non-voting votes today become a matter of concern for all. Secularism is not dead-virtually dead and graveyard. Because if there is secularism, there can not be any “Bismillah” or “state religion” – anywhere in the world – even in Muslim states of the Middle East. Whether there will be secularism or state religion and Bismillah. The co-location of these three is not possible in any way.

So secularism has gone. The rest of socialism and Bengali nationalism. Socialism is 1975, because it is said to be “Dharmeless” – so it can not be said that it is buried in the Bay of Bengal. And Bengali nationalism? It is seen that Islamic nationalism has been started.Absolutely, all of the seventy-two achievements were taken out. But the constitution is changed in the open but there is something like that. It does not have to be seventy-two-there is. What is there, is the acceptance of the validity of the political parties / parties named “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” at the beginning of the constitution in the exact copy of Ziaur Rahman’s Fifth Amendment, including Jamaat-e-Islami, Islami Chhatra Shibir and Hefazat-e-Islam.

Later, at the beginning of the eighties, Alhaj’s autocratic Husain Mohammad ErshadEven after not doing it in the past, even after tearing the head, every Friday, the official helicopter spends the official oil and goes to the renowned mosques of the country to get Juma prayers. He took power without taking the people’s vote. At that time, he would be condemned to bring under the martial law “Islam will be the religion of Bangladesh.” What is more, the organizational of the war of liberation, the secular nation’s victory in Pakistan? This amendment to Ershad is known as “Eighth Amendment”.

After the amendment of this amendment, after the complete Islamization of the constitution, what was the identity of non-Muslim people of Bangladesh? They became minority-malawans only. With this amendment, when secularism of the Bangabandhu’s seventy-two constitution is added, then why does the state become secular? Even then, it is Islamic secularism.

Sadly, it is not far from going against the anti-liberation anti-liberation war, when a constitutional amendment of extreme communalism-intellectuals-politicians against him, no one did a strong protest. But yes, the left parties including the Awami League have opposed it by the statement of the newspaper – just because of that. Stunned Hindu society Their leaders formed “Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council – which is another type of communal organization, I consider myself as many. They demand “secular Bangladesh” and “repeal the state religion” and introduce the Bahatab Constitution. The then anti-Awami League, too, was actively involved in the formation of Bangladesh-Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council. Those who believe in Hinduism, to protect their own religion, In order to safeguard the dignity of the religion or its individuality, what else was to do with the religious minorities in a similar way? But it does not give the ultimate result – it can not be reversed, but it may have resulted in the consequences of the consequences: It is from my very own idea and from that point of view that I have repeatedly requested that organization to come from the high corpus (and all related entities) But I humbly rejected it.

The reason for the rejection is that this unity can not form national unity because the number of the majority of the Muslim people is not included in the organization. But by ignoring or ignoring them, a few minor people could not earn anything at least on the side of leadership. It was therefore necessary to build an organized movement called “Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist-Christian Oikya Parishad” or “Communal Sansity Parishad” or “Bahattar’s Constitution Recovery Parishad” to create united movements and collective resistance against all communal activities. Day by day, the movement is more difficult. I firmly believe that there was a lot of potential to succeed in the movement. How did they forget that there are substantial Muslims in Bangladesh who believe in secularism – the Constitution of Bangladesh is very strongly against the communal terrorism which is believed to be revived.

There is no evidence of this. Firstly, except for 2/3 all the newspapers of Bangladesh and overall print and electronic media have played a very commendable role against communal violence against communalism, even with mainstream social media. Secondly, we saw Shyamal Kumar, the head teacher of Narayanganj, when the local MP Selim Osman was condemned, irrespective of the Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist-Christian stand. I wish to give an example to this before concluding this article, if you can remember it.

The title of this article I have given to me is that “secularism in the countryside in Bangladesh” means those who do not find it anywhere in Bangladesh looking for secularism – they will find it in court tactics. No Communalism is not in the judgment-out of boundless communalism. It has already been told that the constitution has been foiled after him.

This time I am about India. Who does not know in India today Narendra Modi is the central government’s prime minister He is the BJP leader. The party is a communal party which believes in Hinduism. The extremist communal Bajrang Dal and the state’s secular association or RSS, are the BJP’s darling. They are the director of the BJP. Since this BJP is communal, they will instantly incite communalism in neighboring countries.Giving it In his education, In the Bakery – minority Muslim minority Therefore, they will upset the majority of the population in the face of the protection of minorities in Bangladesh – it is normal to increase the power of communalism. In this, the communal part of the Hindu society of Bangladesh can feel energetic and may or may not. They and many others again believe that with the pressure of Narendra Modi, the government of Bangladesh will take an initiative against communalism. This country is not for the sake of Hindus.

Knowing this, the leaders of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council went to Delhi secretly to seek repression on the Hindus of Bangladesh. Many talk about this – many criticism – many criticism has been collected in the organization’s general secretary He however denied it. On the other hand, the demand for intervention of India (in spite of being a government lawyer of the International Crimes Tribunal), even if it is filed in a case of sedition like the Pakistan period, even those demands are demanded from the self-interest group, but even the intellectuals of one class of the people want to call this claim as logical.

The intellectuals of that genre are also holding steady faith in Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina, and the Jamaat-e-Islami, Awami Ulema League have expressed their opinion that they are not against the national groups of the communal and ousted opposition parties, they are unlawful-if they are illegal and if the state religion is lifted up, then there will be a terrible situation in the country. It can not be handled. Weird

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