Rape of Hindu women in Swarupkathi, threat of life and destruction

This is the desk report: corresponded by judhesther das:

A Hindu woman was allegedly gang-raped by Swaruparkar in Ganarkpara of Swarupkathi in Pirojpur. The incident was known last night on Friday. However, three cases were passed but the report was not filed until the case was filed.

The accused have been accused of lodging the case even life threats, and the sadhari UP chairman Pragati Mandal has been accused.

According to the area, motorcycle driver Bellal and Jail Sumon of the same area rushed to the spot and raped her husband, abandoned women wrecker at Gokakpara Bazar, on Friday (8/6/18).

Rape victim filed complaint with the local UP member and chairman on Saturday (9/6/18) in Nesarabad police station. However, NDRB police did not take the case even after the complaint of rape in front of the local representatives. In order to resolve the matter locally, the chairman of the UP chairman decided on Nandurbar police station.

But the chairman of the UP chairman did not make any decision, and instead kept hostile women in the house.

About this, Narsarabad police officer in-charge KM Tariqul Imam said these allegations against the police station are not true. The case was not filed because the complainant did not agree to the case. The complainant was given the custody of the chairman of the UP.

But to verify the truth, Swarupkathi Press Club informed the local people about this rape when the group of people of Ganakpara groups went to the village.

The rapists complained that on Friday night, at night, the doors of the house (the cane) broke and entered the house. When screaming, the face was clipped and the two hands were holding down. Sumon was raped after Bellall. At one stage when they left me, I shouted and fell into the front of the house of the next man’s house. Sumon and Bellall then ran away.

When he first told the local UP member Tobi, he sent him to the chairman Pragati Mandal. When I sent the choukidar to the police station, I told the incident open to the OC. But at noon, UP member Tobi forbade him to file a case. But the incident remained three days but they did not get any trial but they were threatening one after another.

Eyewitness Urmila said that after coming to the front of my house half-yearly on Friday night, During this time, I saw Sumon and Bellal running. Then she told me all the facts. I asked him to tell the UP member.

Local village police Kishore Mondal said, after hearing about the news, I went to the rape police station, OC Sir openly told all, OC Sir sent the police to catch the accused but the accused fled.

Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police, Kajee Shah Nawaz, said that no case was filed without complaining to the complainant. If the complainant complains, we will take the case.

When the Chairman of the UP Chairman Pragati Mandal contacted the mobile phone, he contacted the journalist and tried to manage. During this, he denied the threat of not giving suicides to the case. Later on, the motorcycle driver Bellal and Jail Sumon were found to be involved in his political career.

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