Physical torture of Hindu mother and daughter due to obstructing rape

Corresponded by Judhesther das:

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During the attempt to rape a Hindu woman in Pirgacha in Rangpur, the people of the country cut off the head of the woman on Wednesday evening in connection with penalization and suicidal cases.

The case was filed with seven police stations in this connection. Police arrested three people and sent them to jail.

On Wednesday evening, a minority woman (45) and his daughter were taken out of the road by the Shamusul Mistri and their people in Birnarayan village of the upazila.Later, the woman and her daughter were physically tortured, tied hands and feet.During this time, Shamsul, his wife, daughter, son-in-law and the people of the house together cut off the hair of minority women. The police recovered the mother and daughter and admitted her to Pirgacha Upazila Health Complex in the critical condition. Currently there is the treatment of mother and daughter.

According to the police and the case details, it is known that in the village of Birnarayan village, Shamsul Mistri, son of late Arfan Mia, has long been annoying a minority woman from her husband’s abandoned house. In 2013, when Shamsul Mia tried to rape the minority women, the minority women cut off the sex of a woman with a sharp blade. In this incident, a case was lodged against the minority woman.

On Wednesday evening, on the evening adjacent to the house of Shamsul’s house, minority women and their daughters were brought back to their homes in the pre-planned manner and their people, mother and daughter, forced them to the house of Shamsul. In the meantime, after cutting of two people, mother’s hair was cut.

In this incident, a minority woman filed a suit in Pirgachha Police Station under the name of seven women, including a son, wife and a daughter-in-law, Shamsul Mistri.Police seized two daughters Selina and Peer Begum and son Sujan Mia. The next day they were sent to the court through jail.

When he tried to talk to the tortured woman who was being treated at Pirgacha Upazila Health Complex, she refused to speak for the illness.

Officer-in-Charge of Pirgachha Police Station Suresh Chandra said three people were arrested in this connection. Trying to arrest the rest is going on. Suicidal measures have been done for the victims.

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