Nasirnagar house attacks and vandalism, including women, injured 9

This is the desk report corresponded by Judhesther das:

In the Nasirnagar area of ​​Brahmanbaria, five houses of the traditional religious folk community were vandalized, with the talk of crossing the river in the boat over the boat. At least 9 men and women were injured in the brick bombs.

 This incident happened on Tuesday morning. Immediately after the attack, police reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

Police and eyewitnesses said that on Tuesday morning Nasirnagar Westpara Rafiq Mia was carrying cow in the fields of Madi Haor. In the meantime, to cross the Langar river on the side of the bill, he wants his boat to Naresh Das. Naresh Das expressed his inability to cross the boat along with the cow. Rafiq, who was imprisoned in the jail, said, Naresh became angry and informed his village Gankul Para (Jailpara) people. At that time the people of the jalepara came forward. Rafiq Mia surrounded. Rafiq wants to know why he abused. At this time, Rafiq Mia responded by the word. Later, on behalf of Rafiq, a group of people, led by Ayet Ali, brought domestic weapons and attacked Gankul Para (Jailpara) and vandalized the houses.

Eyewitness Pradeep Das and Sammal Das said that all the attackers were beaten, beaten, thrown and thrashed in the hands of the attackers. They also said that the attackers organized a vandalized in the houses of Surendra Das, Lal Mohan Das, Jantu Das, Montaudas and Sonar Chand Das of Ganinkul Para. During the attack, Moni Rani Das, Anjana Das, Bibhatha Rani Das, Malati Ranidas, Samir Das, Jitu Das, Apira Rani Das, Dulu Das, Jantu Das were injured. Among them, Monirani Das was admitted to Nasirnagar Upazila Health Complex in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Additional Inspector of Brahmanbaria Mohammad Iqbal Hossain and Nasirnagar Police Station Officer-in-Charge confirmed the incident. Abu Jafar They said, after the news of the attack, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. 

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