Modhupur breaks Section 144 to build the market in the temple land

Corresponded by Judhesther das:

In the historic Tangail of the country, one of the most historic land of Tangail, the government’s nominated Bangladesh Primary Teacher Association Madhupur branch has been working for breaking the precious land of Sri Sri Madan Gopal Dev Behagaa temple.

Due to the threat of ruling party leaders, temple committee leaders became stuck in fear. The entire Hindu community of Madhupur has silenced silent tears. In front of them, the law-abiding government is going to take away valuable land of the religious institution by ignoring the court’s court.

In the story of the incident, it is known that in different places of Bangladesh, there are numerous religious organizations in Bangladesh, founder of Puthia, Rajshahi, landowner, Mahtapran Maharani Hemantakumari, in the center of Madhupur town, 1298 English, in 1891, Sri Sri Madanagopal established a temple named Devbhigram, and 9.17 acres of total 12 stains were named after the temple. Since that time, the Hindu community has completed a month-long clan of all religious acts, including the group.Being a month-long fair here only got a special tradition in the country. It is a universal form for people of all classes to pay their fairs.

The then Pakistan government took initiatives to acquire that valuable land. After the service servants of the temple took refuge in the court, Mymensingh Munsef Court passed the order on 05/28/1963 and the government was defeated. Lost and appealed against the verdict. Appeal case 45/1964, on the 29/07/1967 judgment in the court, the government was defeated in the appeal case.

Because of the verdict in favor of the temple, the Hindu community has kept their annual religious celebrations and other festivals together without any hesitation. After independence many lands were captured for land grabbing. In the rest of the place, they have performed religious ceremonies and festivals. 87 In the 244th anniversary, the main religious festival was celebrated. Approximately 8th century of this strain, the government of Madhupur branch of Bangladesh Primary Teachers Association took the initiative to build the building under the leadership of the convener of the committee named Mofiz Uddin and convener of multi-building commercial building Kabir Hossain.They applied for a pass pass in Madhupur municipal meeting. But the land failed to provide the right paper. As a result, municipality does not provide the plan. But the teachers association has begun to build illegal buildings.

Madhupur Municipality has issued a ban on 22-10-2017, in the context of the application of the editorial and committee committee of Media and the order of Savaiyat Jiban Kumar Chowdhury. Upazila Assistant Commissioner of Land, Surveyor, along with the Land Surveyor of the municipality, submitted the report on 22-11-2017 on the basis of the temple, which is not a designated place association for the construction of the meeting. But the teachers’ association did not care for these, but the municipality’s plan passed without the passing of the business building building initiative.

Forced the temple committee took refuge in law in Tangail Additional District Magistrates’ Court. Case No. 796/7 The wise court imposed Section 144 on 23-11-17.After that, the chairman and editor of the temple committee had been pressurized to release the land by raising the case by threatening, threatening and scaring various cases.

Last 6 June, the temple’s land is a ridiculous plot to explain the temple committee. In front of the OC, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Awami League leaders threatened to leave the place after taking the cases and screaming and threatening the temple committee leaders.

After that, the teachers’ association violated Article 144 and started building the buildings in the temple. The minority Hindu community looked like helpless and dumb in silent tears. Nobody is scared to open his mouth.

“We always vote in the boat and think Awami League government is a minority friendly government,” said some devout Hindus who are reluctant to disclose the names, that is what they will do when the land of our temples is not complied with by the court. If you can not do religion, you will have to leave the country after leaving the land. Because, the government of Pakistan could not do or did our supported government do so. Therefore there is no escape option. They urged the government to intervene and help them in this matter.

It is to be noted that the teachers association has kept the construction material built on the highway to build multi-storied commercial buildings in the temple premises. In the Eid seasons, there are obstacles in selling shops in the poor shops and nearby markets, and accidents can occur at any time in the traffic congestion.

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