Human chain demanded justice to beat Victory

Corresponded by Judhesther Das

A teenage girl named Aditya Bindu, a resident of Goyalanda, was found guilty of killing two children by bat with a cricket bat. He is the only son of Lakshman Biswas of Khudiram Sarkar Para (Bindu Para) Mahalla of Ward No. 5 of Goalanda Municipality.

On Friday morning, police recovered the body of the body and sent it to Rajbari morgue for autopsy. Meanwhile, locals demanded one-hour human chain and protest rally at Goalanda bus stand area of ​​Dhaka-Khulna Highway demanding justice for the murder of the teenager. They demanded the tough trial of the murder.

Adivasi son of poor poor family victory His fisherman’s parents can not work due to illness. They work in a salon, which is eaten by their family, without any reason. Vijay went to play cricket on the local cricket field on Wednesday afternoon. Bat batting resulted in the bat hit the bat. In this, Kavya Raha, son of local Narayan Rao, goes to beat Vijay Bijoy with a cricket bat. In the meantime, Vijay told him that he would buy a ball. Yet the poet beat Vijay with a bat. Then in the evening, when Vijay was in the opposite direction of Padma, the poetry and his cousin asked to buy the ball to the Tirtha Vijay. In the meantime, he tried to hit the ball to beat the ball and asked him to buy the ball. Written in a rage, the poet goes back to his bat with his bat beatly and wounded. Later, locals rescued the victory and took them to Goalanda Upazila Health Complex. Because of his serious condition, the duty doctor turned him fast FaridpurMedical College transferred to the hospital. One day, after the treatment, Vijay’s condition deteriorated, he was transferred to Dhaka Medical Hospital on Thursday evening. Victim’s death took place at around 9pm on the way.

Maadi Rayadasi Biswas, who won the human chain in the demand of justice, said that after six daughters, God gave me victory in my house. I could not write due to lack of writing. His father could not work so sick. He is forced to work on salon I did not eat it by eating or eating it. They killed my son Manikar. I do not want anything else, just want to kill this murder.

Goalanda Ghat police OC (investigation) said. Sahidul Islam said that the mother of the deceased, Royadashi Biswas, killed on Friday noon, mentioning the name of poetry Raha and Tirtha Rai, and killing more unknown 3/4 people have filed cases with Goalanda Ghat Police Station. Police are trying to arrest the accused quickly.





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