Elections are coming up, thinking among the minorities: Zafar Iqbal

Corresponded by Judhesther Das:

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Writer and educationist Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal said that minorities are being tortured all over the world. Minorities are not good in this country too. Elections are coming, thinking is growing among the minorities. What happens is not.

He said this at a good gathering organized by ‘Saundriti Bangladesh’ in Sylhet on Monday afternoon. The event was organized at the Hafiz Complex in the city.

He said, as good as the GDP in the country, five Padma bridges will be built – but if a minority thinks of the danger, then there is no profit by doing this.

Zafar Iqbal further said, people of different religions are living here for thousands of years here. There was no conflict ever. Why is the conflict today

Now suddenly the use of religion by name of politics, wasting our harmony by using religion in the name of business. We will not allow this harmony to be destroyed.Bangladesh has a long tradition. We never rioted. It must be maintained.

Presided over by the drama personality Pijush Bandopadhyay, the former ambassador spoke on the occasion. This is Abul Momen, Shahinakanya Dr. Nuzhat Chowdhury, Sylhet Imam Samity President Maulana Habib Ahmad Shihab, Ramakrishna Mission’s Sadhu Husain Puripadananda Maharaj, among others.

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