Communal forces and minority fears in the elections

This is the desk corresponded by Judhesther Das:

Religious and ethnic minorities fear fear when the speakers of the discussion of Hindu Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council

The opinion expressed that he has to be taken seriously. Because, in the past, during the election, several attacks and harassment occurred on minorities before and after the election. In particular, after the 2001 election, the countrywide violence on minorities was unprecedented, it was unprecedented.

Some speakers said at the meeting that if the government does not provide security, minorities will be forced to boycott the vote. We do not expect that situation to be created. However, the government and law enforcement agencies must be cautious about this, so that no one can take advantage of it in any way. At the same time, it should also be considered that the issue of security of religious minorities is not only at the time of election, but it is always a matter of extra importance. Security for religious and ethnic minorities is interrupted for various reasons, starting from occupancy or occupation of property.

In the article raised in the meeting, the organization’s general secretary Rana Dasgupta accused the big political parties of bundling with communal forces. There is no scope to ignore this statement. Political parties are easily identified with communal forces.

In the past, the government of Bangladesh was formed with communal forces. But considering the liberation war and secularism, if any political party compromises the communal forces, corrects the textbooks according to their demands and tries to keep them in the hands of the electoral politics, the minority can not have the last place of hope and hope.

Non-communal political power can stand up to the minority when communal power is officially the power partner or if any kind of attacks on minorities are attacked or attacked. Minority communities may also want their help. Political power considered to be ninety-ninety, ninety-ninety-century, and secular in 2001 also played the role.

But when communal attacks like Ramu, Nasirnagar and Gobindaganj occur in the name of non-communal power, then the insecurity of the minority community will increase further, it is normal. The current government may demand that they rebuild the homes and places of worship of the minority. But those who committed these crimes have been tried? In most cases criminals have not been identified and in some cases they are out of touch. What kind of situation does the minority community give? Secularity can not be created in the minority community if such untimely culture can not come out.

In addition to the government and political and social forces, the government and the social forces have to be alert about keeping in view the election that is going to be held at the end of this year. The council has been asked to not nominate any person identified as communal. Our expectations, democratic and non-communal parties will take it into practice. Political parties, if they do not nominate people against the interests of minorities, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on national politics.

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