Bangladesh fails to protect religious minorities

Desk Report: Judhesther Das:

Bangladesh failed to protect against the eviction of religious minorities and land grabbing. According to a report published in the US Department of State published by the US Department of Religious Freedom in 2017, the information has been published. According to the report, there has been incidents of fire incidents of people belonging to Buddhist and Hindu communities. Although there is a policy of secularism, significant changes have been made in the subject of traditional secularism in textbooks. Religious elements have also been linked to non-religious articles that remove non-Muslim writers’ writings from textbooks.

In a statement sent from the American Center on Wednesday, the United States Department of State has published ‘Annual Report on International Religious Freedom’ on Tuesday, reviewing the situation of religious freedom of nearly 200 countries including Bangladesh.

According to a statement from the American Center in Dhaka Wednesday, the government failed to provide effective protection of the minority communities, such as the eviction of minorities, Buddhists, minorities and their occupation of land.

Last year, attacks on minority community, especially Buddhists and Hindus occurred. In June, there were incidents of burning of 300 Chakmas in the southeast of the country.At that time a 70-year-old woman was killed in an attack. Fire-violence erupted due to the murder of a Muslim man. In the northern district of Rangpur district, 30 houses of Hindus were set on fire and burnt to death on Facebook for posting contemptuous Islam.

It is said that, according to local organizations and media sources, the Ministry of Education has made significant changes to the country’s traditional secularism from the Bengali textbook. Religious elements have been added in such matters as non-Muslim writers have been removed and there is no relation with religion.

The report praised the government’s move to eradicate militancy, it has been said that although the country’s constitution is referred to as Islam by the state, the country is in the principles of secularism. All religions have been called equality for banning religious discrimination.

Representatives of US ambassadors and embassies in Dhaka have protested against the incidents of religious violence in Bangladesh and have supported the government’s work to protect the rights of minority communities. Emphasizing religious tolerance, the US Embassy met with government officials, eminent citizens, non-governmental organizations and religious leaders of Bangladesh. Humanitarian assistance has been given by the Rohingya embassy fleeing from Myanmar, the report said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompey said on the occasion of the publication of this report, “There are incidents like conflict, instability and terrorism when there is a loss of basic freedom like religion, opinion, media and peaceful assembly.” Every person in the world has the right to freedom of religion. The United States is beside the people of desperate people to get religious freedom.

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