Let’s Unite against all violence towards Hindu Minority in Bangladesh?

We have to be united to survive and to protect our way of life and culture.

What Happening to Hindus in Bangladesh?

Attacking and Looting Houses

Attacks on Hindu minorities have been the work of extremists supported by the Jamaat and Bangladesh National Party (BNP). After the Judge’s decision to give the death sentence to Delwar Hossain was released, the Jamaat and BNP burst into riots against governments, as well as attacking minorities and local police. The attacks destroyed thousands of Hindu houses and temples. These attacks have been heavily criticised by the United States Government, as well as India and other peace-demanding nations and organizations

Destroying Hindu Temples

The crowd demanded that the young Hindu man who created the image be put to death. Nevertheless, the group was given permission to hold a rally the next day, and mosque loudspeakers were used to mobilize an even larger group, said Anjan Kumar Deb, the vice chairman of Nasirnagar subdistrict.

Burning Houses and Raping Womens

A married Hindu woman was forced to convert to Islam in Bangladesh evoking angry reaction from the minority watchdog Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW.) BDMW reports that a married Hindu woman Basona Rani Saha (26) was kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam and also swore the same on an affidavit dated 23.07,2016 at Sariakandi Upazila of Bogra District in Bangladesh.

Video collection of attacks on Hindu’s on Bangladesh